What is


Regenerative Agriculture
utilizes growing practices that
rebuild & revitalize the land.

The goal is to reverse the damaging effects of modern farming and use techniques that focus on the
health & structure of the soil.

Some of the
techniques used
on our farm
include . . .

Plants remove CO2 from our atmosphere and deposit it
as carbon in the soil.  When the soil is turned as part of
traditional agriculture, the carbon is released back into
the atmosphere. By utilizing low-till farming, the

carbon remains sequestered in the soil, keeping it
from being released into the atmosphere and

maintaining the structure and fertility of the soil.


We further enrich the soil using our own
organic approved compost, another regenerative
method. We create our own organic compost from food
waste through
traditional composting and worm farm composting. What would end up in a land fill is
transform into an organic nutrient rich compost

by utilizing earth’s naturally occurring