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Making Safety and Traceability Our Top Priority

Food Safety

For all Food Safety related inquiries or to submit Supplier Approval Documents, please email our Food Safety Team. 

For urgent Food Safety matters, call us at 609-561-2466 and ask to speak with a member of our Food Safety Team.

Our Certifications

     At Frank Donio, Inc., Food Safety is always a top priority.  We ensure our operation is in full compliance with the continuously evolving industry standards through annual third party audits.  Our certifications include Primus GFS, Certified Organic Grower and Handler, GlobalGAP, and Kosher Certification. 

     We believe that the foundation of Food Safety is a culture of compliance that we maintain through frequent training of all of our employees.  Our Food Safety Team and Facility Managers are all HACCP Certified and serve as the backbone of our culture of compliance. Our dedicated Food Safety Team attends various additional training sessions throughout the year, in order to appropriately maintain our Food Safety Plan, ensure proper facility sanitation, and conduct frequent employee training.

      We have worked closely with our growers to help establish their individual Food Safety Plans in accordance with Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs).  Our close grower relationships allow us to further ensure that all of our product has been handled with the best efforts towards food safety. Our farms and grower packinghouses are all annually audited against recognized food safety standards by accredited auditing bodies, including PrimusGFS, AIB, SQF, USDA, and GlobalGAP.

Traceability & Food Defense

     At Frank Donio, Inc., we recognize that Traceability and Food Defense are integral components of a thorough Food Safety Management System. We utilize state-of-the-art software that manages all business operations under an integrated platform.  This means we are able to retain product traceability information and track all future dispositions in real time, together with all of the operations performed at our facility.  This is crucial to maintaining top product quality and allows us to easily trace our product back to its origin and forward to the final destination. Knowing the location and disposition of all product, at all times, enables us to maximize Food Safety and defend against tampering.

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