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Our Mission

     At Frank Donio, Inc. we provide full service, year-round produce solutions backed by over 85 years of family-owned experience.  Our expertise in every step of the produce value chain sets us apart in selection, service, and solutions.  As the cornerstone of our customers’ success, we aim to maintain our roots while leading the advancement of the produce industry.  We combine established traditions, safe and sustainable methods, and an innovative approach to achieve our overall mission of harmony between people, planet, and profit.

Social Responsibility

     At Frank Donio, Inc., we believe in using our success to give back.  Operating a food-related business means we are naturally committed to fighting against hunger in our community.  We partner with local organizations, including Philabundance, the Food Bank of New Jersey, and religious organizations, donating truckloads of fresh and nutritious produce weekly.  Our commitment to end hunger is a company wide initiative realized through our annual Thanksgiving non-perishable food drive where our employees are able to actively participate in our culture of giving.


Get Involved: If you would like to join our commitment to ending hunger in our community, follow these links to see how you can give back.


     At Frank Donio, Inc., we believe it is our duty to care for the land from which we grow our product.  We view sustainability as part of our greater responsibility to be good stewards of the land, always working to maintain a healthy balance between people, planet, and profit. At Donio’s, we do our part through established practices that not only reduce waste, but also transform organic waste into usable fertilizer.  As part of our company sustainability initiative, we break down food waste, gathered from our own facility and local businesses, through a large-scale, scientifically based composting project. The result is a composted fertilizer that is rich in the essential nutrients necessary for farming. This means less food waste in our community, less chemical fertilizer used on our land, more natural and replenished soil, and responsibly grown, high quality fresh produce. 

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