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Full Service, Year-round Produce Solutions

Locations & Services


     At Frank Donio, Inc., we operate 3 facilities across the country.  Our headquarters, located in Hammonton, NJ, is our original facility and the birthplace of the company.  Complete with over 185,000 square feet of climate controlled warehouse, our Hammonton location allows us to service the entire east coast.  In addition to our South Jersey headquarters, we also operate out of San Diego, California and Nogales, Arizona.  These regional hubs allow us the best access to product from California and Mexico, providing us with a large portion of our year-round supply.

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     Each year, we cultivate 1,200 acres of conventional and organic Jersey Fresh Produce, all inspected, cooled, and custom packed on-site.  Blueberries make up over 500 acres of the whole, producing a large percentage of the yearly volume of New Jersey Blueberries.  Our growing capabilities also include corn, cucumbers, peppers, squash, cauliflower and many other Jersey Fresh crops.  In 2016, we began growing and harvesting our first certified organic row crops and in 2019 we harvested our first organic blueberries.

Custom Packer

     Our headquarters facility is equipped with a state of the art, temperature controlled production area.  Our capabilities include a range of processes from repacking product to the more complex packing of proprietary value added items.

Cold Storage

     As New Jersey’s largest vertically integrated full service provider, we operate over 185,000 square feet of climate controlled warehouse and storage. All product is unloaded in a temperature-controlled environment and stored according to each product’s ideal temperature. Our facility refrigeration is digitally monitored in real time, 24 hours a day.

     At Frank Donio, Inc., we are able to remove field heat on-site from our freshly harvested product, to ensure immediate storage at ideal temperatures. We cool our product through either forced air cooling, vacuum cooling, or hydrocooling, allowing us to efficiently and appropriately cool any item. We also offer on-site top icing for any load to further guarantee cold chain maintenance.


     At Frank Donio, Inc., we offer full service logistics solutions backed by strong interdepartmental synergy.  With over 85 years of experience, our quality control, inventory management, and transportation departments seamlessly ensure the best handling of all product. With ever-evolving industry standards and regulations, we remain ahead of the curve by utilizing state of the art software that manages all business operations under an integrated platform. Owning and operating our own fleet of refrigerated trucks makes us responsive and efficient, completing the logistics chain through the final step of on-time delivery. 

Category Management

     With a combined 200 years of industry experience, our sales and procurement team is able to provide our customers with top-to-bottom category management support.  This includes best practices for shipping, handling, and storage for each of our products.  Our experienced team serves as a source of merchandising expertise to maximize profitability and reduce shrink. We are also a resource for direct-to consumer marketing, such as social media content and point of sale materials.

Global Access & Year-Round Supply

     At Frank Donio, Inc., we provide our customers with a consistent supply of quality fresh produce throughout the entire year.  When in season, we source local product from our own farms and our long-standing regional grower base.  Along with our locally sourced product, our established logistics infrastructure allows us to source from all across the United States, while also importing international product.  Our local, national, and international sources combine to form our global network of trusted growers, providing us with a steady supply of the world's best fresh produce.

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