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Four Generations of Family Tradition

Our Story

Our Founder

     Frank Donio was born in 1898, the oldest of 14, to two Italian immigrants settled in Southern New Jersey. Frank grew up in a self-sufficient community that grew and supplied their own fresh fruits and vegetables. As the nearby cities of New York and Philadelphia began to rapidly develop, so did the need for a larger fresh food supply. Frank saw an opportunity to provide a service to the growers in his community by selling their excess produce to the growing urban markets in the area. Frank began with one unrefrigerated truck, delivering fresh, locally grown produce daily.

Frank Donio with his first truck in 1921

      With hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit, Frank Donio grew his business. He created relationships within the fresh produce industry and strengthened them on the basis of trust and respect. Frank's business remained relevant and expanded by keeping pace with the latest technological advancements of the time. Frank Donio was not only a businessman, but a community leader and public servant as well. He served as mayor of his township, provided jobs, and fostered the careers of many in the community.

Frank and his first Hydrocooler in 1955

     Frank held the position of company President until his passing, leaving his business in the hands of his brother and two children.  Frank Donio grew his business from nothing but hard work and a great idea, all the while unknowingly laying the foundations of a family tradition that would continue for generations.

Future Generations

     Since Frank's single truck, Frank Donio, Inc. has been growing and expanding for four generations. After his passing in 1971, Frank was succeeded by his brother, Carmine "Knute" Donio, and children, Frank G. Donio and Annabel Donio Arena. The second generation led Frank Donio, Inc. until the 1990's, when they passed the reigns to Frank's grandchildren, David Arena, Bobby Donio, and Judy Arena Pape, who run the company today.  In 2013, Frank Donio, Inc. acquired the first full-time, fourth generation Donio.

     Each generation has been instilled with the desire to not only continue the business, but also to grow and improve upon the foundations passed on. From Father to Son, Mother to Daughter, Grandparent to Grandchild, each descendent of Frank Donio is challenged to uphold his original standards of honest hard work, strength of character, responsibility to the community, and an undying will to succeed. 

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